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T.S.M.Y. Weller was built in 1947 for the Royal Navy and used as a supply vessel transporting passengers and goods to and from the lighthouses along the North Sea coast.
In 1961 she was sold to an English/ British couple who ran cruises of up to 30 passengers in Scotland. Later they sailed it along the canals through France to the Mediterranean. She operated here as a leisure yacht for over 20 years until 1994 when she was again sold to another Englishman who began on an extensive project to restore her. After four years of work, his wife wanted to invest in a house and the ship was once again put up for sale.
Chance led to me and my family finding her while we were on vacation in Mallorca. We thought the ship was interesting and after a couple of days of confusion, the agreement was signed.

Some friend of ours travelled to Mallorca to put the ship in order and sail it to Marseilles, and on the canals through France. After two strenuous months they found themselves in Gent in Belgium. The crew was exhausted and I travelled down with a friend to bring the ship over the North Sea. This was in October, which made it a risky voyage for the both of us to undertake.

After two days work in Antwerp, we really did the town before passing the last of about 180 locks and sailed out to sea from the Netherlands with a south-easterly breeze under perfect conditions. There were continual repairs so there was not much sleep on the voyage. After two days on the open sea, the wind came.

The story doesn’t end here, but it almost did. To be continued, on board…

Inge Hatlebrekke
T.S.M.Y. Weller



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