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T.S.M.Y. Weller is a member of Bergen Reiselivslag. Even during the most hectic part of the tourist season, we will do our best to accommodate you quickly. Our base is in the Bergen harbour. If you do not find us there, we can always be reached by telephone.

We have no regular tours. We will take you where you wish and when it suits you. Tours of the Bergen fjord or the fjord district around Bergen are always possible. Combined fishing and sightseeing tours have become particularly popular.

Should you wish to take a longer trip of several days, we can accommodate this as well. You may choose to spend the night on board or ashore. The crew speaks English and some German.

Since T.S.M.Y. Weller was built in Scotland and has sailed throughout Europe and the Mediterranean for 30 years, there are a lot of interesting stories with which we can entertain our guests.

Reservations for overnight trips should be made well in advance.

24-hour price – hourly rate or rate per person.



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